About Us

Why Vmoot was developed?
A common man is an unstoppable force that can make or break any nation. It is seldom that this force gets a proper channel to express, vent out and speak about the public and or personal issues that are bothersome or causing a stir in the nation. We at Vmoot, give a platform to all people alike to raise their voice, connect to the concerned authorities and express their opinions and or vote for or against any particular topic related to their areas of interest such as politics, sports, glamour, entertainment etc. Our users can raise a debate and or conduct a poll to get others opinions, feedback and suggestions. We connect our users having common areas of interests indirectly providing a close knit platform and prompt opinions globally.
Q & O oriented experience
Get to the core. Understand the basics. Put your opinion forward.

Your questions can make a difference. Speak out your mind.

Raise questions related to any private or public issues concerning you. Challenge statements through your debates made by celebrities, leaders, activists, politicians etc. Want to share your different approach to any factual questions. Want to vent out your inner guilt or resentment towards a wrong deed without disclosing your identity? Want opinions on something ethically right but morally wrong? In a dilemma over something?

Start your questions with “Is”, “Should”, “Can”,”Are”,”Will”, “Has”.

Words can move mountains. So can you here! Feel free and ask questions. Raise debates.

Get connected to likeminded people from across the globe and share your opinions, participate in debates, make this world a smaller platform for mankind to connect with each other.

You can comment, share an opinion on your favourite debates by hiding your identity through the anonymous feature so that you can speak from your heart without any fear or threat from anyone.

We are all ears!

We, at Vmoot, are striving to simplify life. Have any doubt in mind? Want a third party opinion? Confused over an important event in your life? Having any life problems? Want to buy new stuff? Simply upload your question and get prompt answers from similar minds. Look before you leap? No! Share before you leap! You will never go wrong.
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